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Bob Nickas and Amy Kellner interview Royal Trux for the March 1997 issue. Photography by Tina Barney.

BOB: You're saying that this new record is like, looking into the abyss? NEIL: Yeah, when you grow up in the suburbs it's so weird because you have bourgeois comforts, but you don't have many choices. You have enough of the taste of what it's like to not be a poor working class person that you're just going to buy into what your teachers say or what your parents say.

Bruce Labruce interviews Asia Argento for the September 2001 issue. Photography by Bruce Labruce.

People are very suspicious of us. They wonder what sort of life we lead, what kind of monsters we are — as if we were the Addams family. But to be honest, we don’t even think about it. I mean, my father writes scripts for me where I have to do all these radical things, but what can I say? I’m very happy to work with him. I’m a big fan. Maybe I don’t understand why he has to rape me. But my mother had to deal with similar issues — my father always killed her.

David Savage interviews David Sedaris for the May 1997 issue. Photography by Chris Buck.

If I'm going to make fun of something, I need to find that in myself and then exaggerate it. But I find that if I don't start with me, with the honest truth of it, then it's not going to work when it's blown up. It's going to be empty. […] I mean, it's hard to beat real life when you're thinking about really real absurdity.

in this 1998 interview, Amy Kellner interviews legendary poet
Eileen Myles. Photography by Catherine Opie.

When I think about my life, it's not a dyke talking to a dyke talking to a dyke, it's more like a dyke talking to a fag talking to an older straight guy talking to a child. It's stronger for me that way. Like if you wanted all your friends to be famous artists, that would be dazzling, but it would also be a disturbing constant performance of all these egos flapping their wings.

Jeff Perkins’ short film “Shout” was created for the 1966 Fluxus Film Festival held at the Cinamatec Theater on West 41st Street in New York.
Featuring Jeff Perkins and Anthony Cox.

Using Paul Bowles’ novel The Sheltering Sky as a point of departure, Amy Granat created an immersive environment of projected images for her 2010 exhibition at The Kitchen, NYC. Click here to view the single-channel, feature-length film she made using the same footage.

Survival Guide by
Ettore Sottsass. Photographed by Lucas Michael.

Our 1999 interview with
Brian Wilson. Photographed by David Ortega.

Read Emma Forrest's 2001 interview with Rachel Weisz from the index archives. Photographed by Juergen Teller.

Read photographer
Jeff Wall's 1996 interview with filmmaker Gus van Sant.


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